2019 interactive WebGL greeting card

Reading time : 2 min

For our 2019 greetings, we have created an interactive greeting card that you can find on our website at this address: [2019.agence-belle-epoque.fr](https://2019.agence-belle- epoque.fr)!

We carried out this digital experience in about ten days, in parallel with our client projects. We pushed the experience to the maximum compared to the time we had to release it before the end of January ⏱️

Behind the scenes of the making

This small experiment was carried out with the following technologies:

  • Vue.js: to structure our code
  • three.js to manage 3D in webGl
  • GreenSock to make some of the animations and transitions

The tools and graphic elements were modeled in 3D with Blender.

We have implemented multilingualism with the i18n library that we also use on our React.js projects.

For deployment, we used Now which is very convenient and powerful. We can do an article on it if you're interested.

PS: we hope you enjoyed this experience. Would you be interested in learning more about certain animations and features? Don't hesitate to ask us, if we can help you or if you want us to help you with your projects ✌️