Discovering a creative developer on the other side of the Atlantic, with Timothée Roussilhe

Reading time : 2 min

In this podcast, I share my discussion with Timothée Roussilhe who is a creative developer. He works in New York at Squarespace. Squarespace is a tool for creating online sites and e-commerce sites. Squarespace offers a large number of templates that you can customize and adapt.

Timothée is a creative developer who does design and front-end development.

Timothée shares his experience with us as a developer in the United States. He tells us about life in New York, his journey, his daily life, his inspirations and of course his work as a developer.

Timothée works in the “Creative” department at Squarespace and in the “in-house” team. He mainly takes care of the main site and also of additional sites: career site, blog and micro experience sites. He has worked on the sites below:

Les others
The Voice

Alongside his work at Squarespace, he also experiments on personal projects. He shares with us his processes and his way of creating animated websites.

Timothée also gives us his recipe for how he managed to be a creative developer and his vision of creative development.

Some interesting links mentioned in the podcast:


  • Stink Studios -Atlassian
  • Circle Ci
  • GatsbyJs
  • DDB
  • Hetic
  • New Land -Tavano Vincent
  • Amazon CloudFront -ARIA

You can follow Timothée on the following links:


  • Github -Twitter
  • Dribbling -Behance -Instagram