Understanding everything about the webinar market, with Gilles Bertaux

Reading time : 2 min

Webinar is an English term that translates into French as webinar or web seminar. This is an online conference in which Internet users participate remotely. The webinar can be viewed live or delayed. It is a communication tool that can be used internally or externally by companies. The webinar can allow you to sell your products, hold question and answer sessions, create real online conferences on your sector...

In this episode, I welcome Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO of Livestorm which is a simple webinar tool available directly in the browser. Gilles tells us about the webinar and video streaming market. He also tells us about the various marketing techniques put in place to conquer an international market and support regular and organic growth. We are also talking about Livestorm's choice to offer a tool only in the browser without going through native applications. Gilles also shares his journey with us as well as the genesis of Livestorm.

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