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Why we are using React ?

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If you don’t know React, it’s the Javascript language developed by Facebook. It is very popular right now and it offers huges opportunity.
For customers it allows to have a reactive site, fast and scalable. For the developers it proposes the interest of being modulable. The time saved on arrival is considerable. It’s not for nothing that the bigger ones use it: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, the New York Times to name but a few.
As for SEO, it’s perfect because you can make sites easily crawlable by Google. A few years ago it was not easy to reference a site in a javascript framework, although of course there were techniques to make this possible.
For these reasons, we have chosen it for the redesign of the agency’s website. We had previously used Backbone which is also a very good framework. Nevertheless, we have succeeded with React in reducing the development time while having a better and more maintainable site.