Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to build different types of websites. We use it to build community platforms, institutional sites, e-commerce sites (Drupal commerce), web apps for tablets, etc.

Drupal is used massively by large state institutions, large companies or innovative startups.

Drupal is an ideal CMS to quickly design content/product listings with intelligent filters. The Drupal contributors community offers a huge library of free modules and themes. These allow you to upgrade an existing site without "reinventing the wheel" in terms of functionality.

Since Drupal 8, the CMS has been redesigned to work with object classes. More concretely, it welcomes in its application core all the power of the French PHP framework Symfony, a major player in the global technological landscape.

Drupal 9 is now based on Symfony 4 and Twig 2, which guarantees an optimal level of security within its core.

We contributed to the development of the Berluti website under Drupal.