It is a rather young language, derived from C and Pascal, developed between 2007 and 2009 by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer and Ken Thompson for Google.

The designers wanted a modern language, simple and fast, as close as possible to the development standards so that users can quickly understand it, it was initially designed primarily to be used on backend infrastructures and to overcome the difficulties encountered within Google with other languages less suited to the challenges of the moment.

Belle Epoque and Golang development, a great story

The first of its qualities is its simplicity, which allows a developer whatever his level to apprehend it quickly.

Its speed of execution, which makes its applications faster than with most other languages.

Golang development

The code is automatically optimized and always formatted the same way. It is cross-platform and runs on any server, a very good point for portability. It supports multi-threading which Belle Epoque also uses in the field of artificial intelligence.

For all these reasons in 2019 it is the most requested language in training by developers.

Uses, predominance in mobile application and e-commerce In fact it can do almost everything, it is often found in web applications, administrator interfaces, website design, server management, mobile applications ios and android, e-commerce

Many large companies and not the least use GO, to name a few Facebook, Bitly, Amazon Ibm, Netflix ...

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