Logo & brand identity

Logo & Visual Identity

Have your logo and visual identity designed by a creative agency

The logo and the visual identity are key to your global strategy. It serves as a support for your communication. Our agency accompanies you in your project to guarantee you a unique identity that looks like you.

We have a global approach and we like to bring our graphic touch - minimalist and elegant - to your graphic identity. We hand-craft your logo and graphic charter so that it corresponds to your vision and gives it purpose.

Your logo and graphic charter are the showcase of your company. For the logo, it's important that it is quickly identifiable and with enough character to be remembered. Our minimalist approach allows it to be quickly identifiable and will integrate perfectly with your website and your overall communication.

The visual identity which includes the logo, the graphic charter, the choice of colors and the typography forms a coherent and unique whole to identify your company. We put our creativity at the service of the coherence of this whole to answer the DNA of your company.