Our web development craftsmen can integrate your teams as consultants.

Since 2013, we accompany start-ups, incubators and large groups in web and mobile development in order to accelerate their activities and growth. Our craftsmen integrate your teams to bring you not only our expertise in web application development in JS with React and Node.js, but also its knowledge of devops processes where developers are involved in deployments and in the high availability of said applications.


We are used to working with the Agile method. The sharing of knowledge and the desire to be of service are at the heart of our DNA. These qualities are at the service of our clients' projects. methode-agile.jpeg

Multiple needs?

We propose profiles in management, either individually or in groups (ATU and ATG).

Our expertise also allows us to take charge of your project from its birth. Let us choose the best technologies to guarantee your project maintainability and durability.

We accompany our customers in the long term. We like to work in a relationship of trust and we propose you new expert profiles to make your project evolve.


The technologies that we master are the following:

Web development

  • ReactJS & its eco-system: Redux, GraphQL, React-Native
  • NodeJS & its ecosystem: Express, Koa
  • Go & its ecosystem
  • Testing tools: Jest, Mocha, Cucumber
  • DB: NoSQL and SQL, Document and relational databases


  • The AWS suite
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Our customers

Many companies trust us :

  • BNP Paribas
  • My Canal
  • Stop Info Tabac