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Some time ago, Facebook made public and open-source ReactJS, its javascript library. The latter is of course used within the social network, so it is a guarantee of undeniable quality. Today, more and more companies are switching to this technology to create beautiful websites or powerful applications.

At this time, you are viewing this article on our site designed with ReactJS. We exploit its full potential to offer both a unique navigation experience (smooth page transition, beautiful animations, advanced image preloader, fast loading, etc.), but also a natural referencing of quality (isomorphic behavior that allows To a page to be readable by search engine crawlers).

ReactJS runs directly on your browser (client side), so it is referred to as a front-end technology. It makes it possible to limit to the strict minimum server calls and thus reduce the often unnecessary round trips that we see on more standard technologies (displaying a PHP page for example).

In order to allow you to contribute your own content (administer your own site). We can offer you an adapted backoffice based on the content manager of your choice (traditionally WordPress or Drupal). Then we realize customized gateways (APIs) in order to communicate the backoffice with ReactJS.