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WordPress is one of the open-source content managers (CMS) best known for making blogs. This CMS also allows to realize something other than blogs. In fact, our experts can extend its functionality with plugins to meet your need. It can, for example, allow the realization of “One page” sites, advanced showcase sites, e-commerce sites (WooCommerce), etc.

Our customers appreciate it because it offers a fast back office to take charge which allows to contribute all kinds of contents and to manage the users finely.

The latter works with the PHP language. A robust and stable language that allows the site to be maintained throughout its life.

We realize customized sites by reusing existing bricks (plugins proposed by the WordPress community). If the functionality is too specific, we do not hesitate to develop our own plugins.

We also design themes from graphic models produced. Each theme is adapted to the different screen sizes (responsive design) in order to meet the latest search engine requirements.